Who We Are

At Fat Chris Productions, we help you find all your entertainment needs for all types of events.

We are a company designed to make all your events the best they can be, at an affordable price.




Chris (Fat Chris) Monaco started Fat Chris Productions in 2014 because of his love for music and further more the business side of the industry. This love for the entertainment industry began while working along side the band Nine Mile Drive. Fat Chris is a driven and motivated person with a passion for entertainment. His mission is to provide a top notch service to the industry by eliminating the middle men and being a one stop shop, allowing an affordable price. Chris believes in loyalty, trust, and respect. Family and friends are very important to him. #MyMentality -->




Chris' Cuties is a promotional team of cute ladies. These cuties were all asked by Fat Chris himself to be a part of something huge. Chris' Cuties will attend events, promote on social media, and help with word of mouth, as well as much more to help us grow. Let's face the facts, it doesn't matter if you are male or female, you are more inclined to talk to a cute lady rather than a fat man. People say we're crazy to want to deal with this many woman at one time but we're doing it. #ChrisCuties ->

Fat Chris Productions was formed by Chris Monaco. Since Chris didn't have any musical talent he had to come up with other ways to be involved. This started out as working with bands and dj’ing weddings, to much more. From there a team started to form and the progression continued into such things as stage management, event planning, a clothing line, and more. We have booked such events as; comedy shows, weddings, concerts, club dj’s, bike nights, and more. We have huge love for all entertainment and we put passion into everything we do. Fat Chris is about a team effort and growing together. We operate as a family and we want everyone to feel that same vibe.  #fcpisit 

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Duane Ward is best friends wih Fat Chris and vise president of FCP. Duane is an avid musician and a business man. He has played in multiple bands over the years and knows the industry.  Over the years of being involved in the music scene Duane has decided to help other entertainers to the next level. While on the back end of things, working with sound, staging, promotions, etc.  This industry strives on the relationships you build, so build strong. #Brotherhood <--



Over the course of the last few years these are the people we have lost that we hold close to our hearts. Fat Chris Productions is all about family and these individuals were just that.

In memory of those brothers and sister we have lost. JC, Kyle, J-Bird and Axie you are always in our hearts and we know with you we’ve got coverfire.


Christoher (JC Edwards) Dwight

JC Edwards

Christopher "JC Edwards" Dwight was the singer/ front man for the band Nine Mile Drive. In late 2016 JC was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme. On January 15, 2017 he was called home at the age of 31. JC changed us forever and the memories of him will never be forgotten. JC was a brother to many and brightened everyone's life he crossed paths with. He would go out of his way to help a friend in need and would always be an ear for someone to talk into. JC always had advice for every situation and getting to know his parents better since his passing, well I can see where he got it from. JC's music touched people and to feel that for yourself you can purchase their music on many outlets such as Itunes, google play, cdbaby, and more.

Kyle Wells

Kyle Wells

Kyle Wells was only with the band Nine Mile Drive for a short time but quickly became part of the brotherhood. In April of 2013 Kyle was walking home from a friends house when a drunk driver hit him. This driver fled the scene and left Kyle on the side of the road. After being found, he was flown to the hospital where he spent his remaining hours on earth with us. Kyle Wells accounted for some of the best memories we could have asked for while out on the road and everyday we are reminded of these moments. Although he was called home way to soon he lives on with us forever.

Jason (J-Bird) Dembinsky


Jason "J-Bird" Dembinsky was the singer/ front man for the band Cyanide Sunrise out of Pottsville, PA. I'll never forget the phone call I woke up to from my buddy at 5:00 am telling me that J-Bird had passed on. I remember going back to sleep only to wake back up around 7:00 am hoping it was all a dream, unfortunatly it was not. We met J-Bird while out on the road touring and from there our bond grew. I booked them many shows in Florida and I still remember the last time they were here. I talked to J-Bird just days before his passing discussing Cyanide Sunrise coming down to play my birthday show. Fly high my friend, we all miss you.

Axie Hodges

Axie Hodges

Axie Hodges joined Nine Mile Drive shortly after the passing of Kyle, although Nine Mile Drive already had a drummer she was gearing up to go out on the road with the band. We only had a short time with Axie but that is all it took to be sucked in by her sweetness. A girl full of so much passion and a heart of gold, she will always be deeply missed and loved.